Sale Honeybadger Casual Brown Genuine Leather Belt With Baseball Cap

Handbraided belt fully engineered by skilled craftsmen in a stylish unique design. Die cut to precision for a perfect fit to casual look. Leather sourced from the top tannery. Cuts, brands, stamps, dye, oils And wax handcrafted. 100% Genuine Leather. Single pronged brass antique finish buckle. Width: 38mm/ (1.5 inch). Size 32 Inch Full Length 38 Inch Size 34 Inch Full Length 40 Inch Size 36 Inch Full Length 42 Inch Size 38 Inch Full Length 44 Inch Size 40 Inch Full Length 46 Inch Length is measured without the buckle Style: casual, fashion, sports, travel. Suitable for: Men and Women. Suitable with: Casual pants / jeans/cargo / shorts. Ideal for everyone with Rakish look. Comes with a stylish washed vintage denim baseball cap highlighted with just right detailed embroidered graphics on the front. Made from 100% denim with adjustable back strap, buckle /eyelet for firm closure.


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