Sale Honeybadger Brown Leather Casual Belt

Genuine oil pull up Leather riveted with 100% Cotton canvas with camo print fabric stitched over webbing. Enzyme washed for casual look. Single pronged buckle electroplated in brass antique finish. Material:Genuine oil pull up Leather with 100% cotton webbing trims. Width: 38mm / (1.5 inch). Size 32 Inch - Full Length 38 Inch; Size 34 Inch - Full Length 40 Inch; Size 36 Inch - Full Length 42 Inch; Size 38 Inch - Full Length 44 Inch; Size 40 Inch - Full Length 46 Inch. Length is measured without the buckle. Honeybadger embossed signature. Style: casual, fashion, sports, travel. Suitable for: Men and Women. Suitable with: Casual pants / jeans/cargo / shorts. Ideal for everyone with rakish look.


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